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msc poster for 12 week course August 2

Ooh la la when I’m excited. The training groups start again 15 and 17 August. BUT! If you fancy a taster, join our workshops on 31 July.

1 till 2 we say hello and have a brew!

2 till 4 let’s get busy and have some fun in our first workshop

3 till 4 let’s get busy again in our second workshop

If you’re smiling and you’ve enjoyed it, you’ll realise acting can be a lot of fun! And with the MSC

gina@manchestershakespearecompany.co.uk for more information. #3MT is where the workshops will be. august


Love July!

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  1. Festivals Ooh! A long one today so let’s inform you in pictures. 

http://m.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14603856.Film_shot_and_produced_in_Bolton_to_receive_red_carpet_treatment_at_premiere/ Great to see his fab work in his local paper.

Come and see it Saturday 9th at 3MT, Afflecks M11JG

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2. Comedy at 3MT this week has been phenomenal. The stage is lending itself very well to our female friends in comedy. Norris and Parker were fantastic. Cmr2JWIW8AAY9rr

Melvyn loved them. He said: ‘a definite review on Norris & Parker.

Tonight...heard great things about Cheekykitz when she graced the stage some months ago. John Topliff, 3MT events manager invited her back. Can’t wait to see her this time.  See if you can spot her on 3MT’s Trailer 


Next week our first Manchester  International Literature Festival. 

Again, brilliant women on the stage. 14 and 15 July as part of the festival,

cddd24_5ad77a2800964607bbe484c085788df9-mv2_d_2480_3508_s_4_2   Puppies too! She’s been on tour and her dog has had pups. We’ll have to find a warm draft free space to keep them cosy during the performances. 

Conscious Theatre presents a whirlwind journey through the life of Joan Littlewood, one of the 20th centuries greatest theatrical visionaries and arguably the most unsung hero of British theatre. Unquestionably brilliant, undoubtedly maverick, undeniably rude, Joan, Babs & Shelagh Too chronicles the life of a fascinating character ahead of her time.

 There’s no doubt Mary Quayle Club will be interested in this play. Tickets are available http://www.threeminutetheatre.co.uk

Let’s hope  Lipstick Socialist will be interested in this play. Provoking thought about  Joan Littlewood is an important topic for 3MT.  Make it yours too.

She’s back! She Is Back! 

‘Fresh from supporting the amazing Rob Delaney on tour, a regular on Jason Manford’s radio show and named on the Scotsman and Independents lists of best Fringe jokes of all time’ – it’s Hayley Ellis!

Hello! I’m the English Comedy of the Year and this is my debut show. In Australia it sold out – I know that sounds like bragging, but I don’t know another way to explain that people liked it.

Brennan Reece

I’ve also appeared on BBC, ITV, E4 and supported Joe Lycett on tour. Still bragging. I just really like doing comedy and if you come and see me, I reckon you’ll like it too.

Best Show (Nominee) – Fringe World Australia

‘Powerfully entertaining. Unstoppable force’ (Chortle).

‘Hilarious rubber faced bright young talent’ (The Stage).

‘His baby-faced rudeness is delightfully wrong’ (The Journal).

 This poster shot got us SO excited and the brilliant Brennan Reece has added the finishing touches to out-Kim you-know-who!

 Our Manchester Festival of Arts supports Manchester Shakespeare Company and Square Circle Theatre.

Events are on: www.threeminutetheatre.co.uk

MFA clour           The first Salford Zine Library zine reading night – come and hear local zine makers read their latest with a chance (but no pressure) to share your own! We’d love this to become a regular gig so come along and get involved.

We love ‘grassroots’ work and welcome it with open arms. Looking forward to seeing some of our regular Zine publishers at this event. STIRRED Poetry and Flim Night

Check: www.threeminutetheatre.co.uk

Just got to let you know about the new events with #MSC Actor training sessions August 8 and 10. AND! Vocal training Sat 6 and 13 August. Slots available between 11am and 12.30am. It’ll change your life. MSC can promise you that. It did mine. 

MSCginagee looks forward to hearing from you. 

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Orange or Nothing!

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Square Circle Theatre CIC is our social responsibility company and our current projects are: supporting those with invisible disabilities. You can clearly see our chairs problems are visible.

It’s been the buz of the theatre: ‘love your orange cinema seats’ but we don’t hear it so often these days.

We want to keep those seats in our customers and new customers minds when they come and when they leave 3MT!

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing we have so many fantastic customers and hosts who support and care about 3MT and what we do. We don’t want to change that. But we do want to keep those seats comfy and looking good for you and your bottom.

As you know we are unfunded and recycled. Cinema seats are hard to come by.

We’ve started a crowdfunder and the most recent pledge was astounding. £100. We thank everyone personally and our rewards are really good.

Please consider giving TLC to the chairs famed by YOU!

THANK YOU! Seats as they were: 3MT Needs YOu!  CjkUS7cWEAEA-FQ

Some of the seats do not look like this anymore. Let’s get them back to loving your bottom for your pledge.


#June ’16

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June @3MT

This month is rockin’ and rollin’.

B2B business networking on 1st June is our first with cocktails and cake waiting for you. A FREE event for local businesses.

We love what’s happening in the Northern Quarter and Ancoats and can’t wait to connect with them.

We’re looking forward to the Mary Quayle Club visiting again on the 4th June. Michael and Bernadette are great partners and friends.

8th June a special with John Topliff and Dr Sarah Lowe who is our MSC associate. It’s part of the History Festival. ‘Facts or Fantasy’ Elizabethan Theatre. Not to be missed and it’s FREE. 12 June we’ve Will and Anne as part of the History Festival. We’re out of booklets already!

There’s much more but we’ll leave it to you to decide which event to come along to.

We look forward to meeting you! Best Gina and John 3MT, MSC and SCT

ginatfrost@outlook.com if you would like to know more.





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#theatre2016 The link to the article I’m responding to.

My response. Sorry if it offends but I simply had to do it!

This is music to 3MT’s ears.

The point I believe Sheena Wrigley is making is one that has needed ‘dismantling’ for quite some time. Focus on elitism and ‘hierarchy’ has engendered: a “general air of dissatisfaction”.

Sarah Walters (@SarahCityLife), Manchester Evening News, kindly covered the smaller Independent Manchester producing houses in the Evening News recently. Hope Mill and Three Minute Theatre.

3MT has been ‘plagued’ with the ‘door-slamming’ syndrome from ACE and mainstream houses in Manchester for some years now. Even though it is an independent, unfunded producing house supporting local artists and theatre companies for the past five years. This is no longer financially viable for 3MT so like any other business, diversification and new products are essential for its survival. Had ACE and collaboration been forthcoming, local support would have continued. 3MT is also under the impression it is not a ‘hot-spot’ recently described following a question at an ACE seminar at 3MT. So funding is more difficult to access. ‘Other projects will be preferred’.

3MT and its Manchester Shakespeare Company has developed and supported local actors to claim productions on their CVs. Lack of financial resources has not allowed 3MT to pay skilled performers and understandably, they move on only to find that mainstream houses advertise for ‘volunteers’ on a regular basis.

In 3MT’s experience, ‘volunteers’ have been graduate actors and other theatre practitioners.

There is an endemic perception: ‘actors are desperate for work’ so they will do it.

With five years’ experience of this situation, you could say 3MT has been at the forefront of this topic.

As frustrated as the artists. 3MT

Contact: ginatfrost@outlook.com if you need to discuss this.


I’m at the Intersection of AS and PTSD…

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I’ve just been researching connections with PTSD and Asperger. Reading your blog is like reading about myself. Thank you for telling your story. It’s helped me understand, in particular, my hypersensitivity and reactions to fearful things.
Ginagee is my nickname. You’ll see many of my posts on 3MT_Manchester wordpress. Best and look after yourself.

Woman With Asperger's

Last I checked,
I wasn’t born with apologies – though some would demand
that I wear them for the apocalypses in my DNA.
(From my poem, “Dear Earthling”)

After a bit of a hiatus, I am coming back to you with a post about something that has profoundly affected me for a long time, although I didn’t realize it until earlier this year. To put it another way, I live at the intersection of AS and PTSD.

Now, what do I mean when I say this? For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I’ve spoken of my childhood and teenage years, which included physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect – most of which happened between ages twelve and eighteen.

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What is this word? What does it mean? 


It SAVED my life! That’s what it means to me.

It keeps you trim…and you sweat as much as those in the gym.

You become a ‘social anthropologist’ through observation of the different tribes you experience each time you win a contract.

How did it save my life you ask? As a child, I was surrounded by violence and a dysfunctional family. But I grew up in a community where going to and being part of a church environment allowed you to escape the beatings and the fearful environment.

Singing, humming and listening to music was a collection of activities that made me feel safe and inspired. The church community activities engaged with musicals, costume and prop making and fairs to raise funds. Xmas was beautiful in the church hall. I would help on the stalls, as young as I was.

I surrounded myself with these activities. And as it happened, it was noted I had a clear singing voice. Perfect pitch they used to say; I had no idea what they were talking about but I do now. I was encouraged to take part in the shows and the church choir. The feeling of excitement and happiness overshadowed the darkness of beatings and violence at home.

Singing means emotion: you experience it with every controlled word attached to the musical rhythm and musical note value.

Singing means stronger muscles: the breath control you have to experience turns your lungs into strong muscles and that demands more breath increasing your heart rate which burns more calories.

Singing improves your diction: standard spoken English can be incredibly improved by learning to sing. Singing a phrase to musical notation automatically tells you to control each sound you experience.

Just 3, the magic number, things to consider if you are considering learning to sing. Others are: your mental health improves by the secretion of serotonin as your emotions activate the happiness and excitement singing stimulates. A benefit to improve your wellbeing on the whole.

Singing has been part of my life on a pleasurable and professional level. It is a respected activity in the world of music and singing unlike the commercial contests that are interested in the business of making money out of you.

You can earn a living professionally if you are passionate about learning and practicing the art. With Karaoke now an add to allow you to enjoy your new art and singing lessons available at 3MT with Manchester Shakespeare Company and its experienced and qualified musicians, you could find yourself with.

It is an activity = good health, mental and physical wellbeing.

At The Three Minute Theatre, Afflecks, Oldham Street, M1 1JG singing lessons can and will achieve this for you. There are many who believe they have enough experience and knowledge to teach you but with any activity there are risks. As a practiced professional singer since the age of 7 with a wealth of knowledge of the practice and music, you will safely learn how to thoroughly enjoy the full experience of singing for physical and mental wellbeing.

We’ve been working with the best in the industry and our staff are lovely. Jake Latchford our Bar Manager is a successful DJ and businessman. And he’s a great member of the Affleck’s team.

singing Sing your way out of trouble! Come along to our acting and or singing lessons and let your feeling of wellbeing take you on a new and inspiring journey. It is an adventure you may never have considered. Give it a go! Contact: gina@manchestershakespearecompany.co.uk for more information. 

All the best from all at 3MT and MSC!